Amateur Radio in Stratford upon Avon and Shakespeare Country



RSGB affiliated amateur radio society in Stratford

Welcome to
& District Radio Society.

Callsigns GX0SOA & M2H.

With support from Stratford Town Trust
With support from Stratford Town Trust

SDRS is a club for radio amateurs (aka radio hams) and all those interested in radio or radio related technology.
The society usually meets on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month with a break during August.
Activities include talks, visits, activity evenings and putting on special event (demonstration) stations often using the club callsign of GX0SOA (or G0SOA).

Our normal venue is the Home Guard Club, Tiddington near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England. -
Location map but events marked '#' in the programme may be held elsewhere.
Further details of the society can be obtained from the chairman or any other comittee memeber, see this page for details

If you want to find out more about amateur radio visit the web site of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

Stratford/Barra HF net. Thursdays, 13.30 hrs clock time, 7.065 MHz +/- qrm, mode LSB.

Revised licence structure;
Become an amateur with just a weekend or two's study (no morse required!). SDRS are not currently offering study (possibly in future) but other local clubs may be, find one via this page .
Click here for a link to the RSGB information page about licensing and to the UK Government's Office of Communication, OFCOM's amateur info. web pages .
Also here is a link to a free computer based Advanced Amateur Radio licence revision tool. .

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Opening meeting and programme planning ** IMPORTANT **



Informal / Practical evening in shack – bring your own projects to discuss or work on



Dip into the RSGB Archives 3 (Transatlantic Tests)– SDRS Committee member



My recent island activations – Keith G3TTC



Keeping the Lights On – The Electricity Distribution Network – Clive G0CHO



Informal / Practical evening in shack – bring your own projects to discuss or work on



Test Equipment evening



Christmas Greetings On the Air (1030 145.275Mhz) #

# indicates that the meeting/event may not be held at the Home Guard Club.

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